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EGLAS active glass – blog

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EGLAS and photovoltaic – the solution for ecological house heating

Recent years have seen a dynamic development of photovoltaics in Poland – we are fifth in Europe in terms of energy production from the sun. Apart from companies, more and more persons decide to install panels at home.

An increasing number of households decide to install photovoltaic panels. They do so not only to protect the environment, but also for financial reasons – the production of own, clean electricity translates into real savings in the household budget. Undoubtedly, the “My Current” scheme, which subsidises the installation of photovoltaics, has contributed to the development of photovoltaics in Poland.

Have you heard that EGLAS glass can be combined with photovoltaics and thus create an independent heating system? Such a solution is not only economical, but also a great choice for the future. How does it work? The sunrays reach the panels, which immediately convert them into further portions of electricity to power the EGLAS panes. Combining EGLAS with PV means not only lower electricity bills, but also the possibility of using it in various public buildings.

“As Aksana Myslivets from Saint-Gobain Building Glass Poland noted: – The effectiveness of our heating glass is enhanced by the sensor built into it, which activates the glass when it senses snow, rain or when the ambient temperature falls below +5° C. Of course, it is also possible to combine this product with a smart home system. In turn, the owner has full control over its operation thanks to an app in the smartphone.

– EGLAS pane can be combined with a photovoltaic installation – says Aksana Myslivets – which is in line with the efforts to care for the natural environment. In case the building produces a surplus of energy, it can be used to power the heating glass. With the right installation capacity and properly selected glazing area, this combination can suffice as the only source of heating.

The system will depend on the power supply network of the energy Distribution Operator.


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