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Meet EGLAS active glass

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A smart home only with EGLAS heating glass!

EGLAS glazings are truly multifunctional. Providing thermal comfort, they are also a means of eco heating, and an effective measure against misted or frozen windows, or snow lying on a glass roof.

EGLAS features

The anti–condensation function prevents the liquefaction of water vapour on the window surface, thus protecting it against moisture, ensuring its constant clarity and light transmission.

The heating feature allows for the desired thermal comfort of the interior, the heat being cast off the whole glass surface. At first it warms up the panes and partitions, which subsequently project heat into the entire inner space, optimizing the temperature.

Melting function makes snow clearing from glass roofs or roof windows extremely simple, allowing to forget the tiresome handiwork on hard-to-reach surfaces. Roof snow guards provide constant natural daylight penetration, even during frosty winters. EGLAS windows are equipped with a sensor activating the melting mode whenever it senses snow, rain, or a drop in temperature under +5°C.

How it works

The operating principle of EGLAS is based on two factors: electric current, and low-emission metal oxide layer spread on one of the glass surfaces. EGLAS active glass is a solution to the problems of fogged windows, misted windows, and snow clearing. It also plays a vast part in eco friendly heating of every smart house. EGLAS is available as single- or double-glazed, laminated glass units.

How it works

The glass of new possibilities


Thanks to the heat produced by the glass, you will secure your thermal comfort, and forget about unpleasant cold, drafts, as well as misted windows. The snow melting feature will end the problem of snow clearing from roof glazings.


Modern fitting solutions make window glass exchange fast and simple. We save your time and unnecessary nerves. In case of any doubts we guarantee full technical support.

Always at hand

Have the temperature always close at hand! A dedicated app provides an easy and swift way of temperature management using your smartphone. You have your smart home with smart windows!


discover the possibilities of EGLAS

Why is it worth it?

Warmth and thermal comfort all year long
Combining functionality and esthetics
Best quality on the market
Natural light inside
Different shapes to fit any particular project
Certified professional technical and executive documentation
Numerous heating glass applications: houses, winter gardens, public buildings
Compatibility with other Saint – Gobain glass products
Specialists’ support at all stages – from sale through fitting to everyday use


Saint – Gobain is the leader in heating glass development

The innovative and eco friendly EGLAS Saint – Gobain technology is a revolutionary method of building heating. It received the 4 Buildings Awards 2019 prize in the “ Innovations – building materials” category. Being the glass with a view to the future, EGLAS minimizes the negative effect of building industry in the environment.

Ask an expert

Do you need more detailed information? Contact us. Our specialists will provide you with professional and detailed information about the product.