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Snow removal and natural light all year long

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Access to natural daylight

Thanks to the warmth produced by our heating glass, snow clearing from roof glazings will be easier than ever, putting an end to tiresome handiwork in hard-to-reach places. Choose EGLAS and enjoy a naturally illuminated interior all year long

Full access to daylight

Snow is melted by the heat produced by the glass, exposing the surface of the window, thus securing full access to sunlight. A built-in sensor activates the melting mode whenever it senses snow, rain, or a drop in temperature under 5°C. This feature eliminates the necessity of snow clearing by hand, and the use of hazardous chemicals.

What will you gain with EGLAS?

  • More natural light, and beautifully illuminated interiors, e.g. winter gardens
  • Safe ways of snow clearing from the roofs
  • Lower heating bills thanks to natural light utilization

  • Snow removal without the use of hazardous chemicals
  • Safety stemming from lower structure load

With EGLAS you can avoid real dangers resulting from snow lying on a glass roof:

  • high bills for snow removal
  • potential fines (for excessive snow cover or use of chemicals)
  • obstructed view, and limited daylight access

See the difference


How it works

The metal oxides layer reacts to electric current by emitting infrared radiation which raises the temperature of the glass, thus preventing the liquefaction of water vapour on its surface. This guarantees glass transparency, and a perfect view outside. It also eliminates the necessity of clearing the roof snow guards by hand.

find out more about the additional construction options for eglas glass

Double-chambered EGLAS glazing with snow melting function

Snow melting and anti-condensation function in one pane

One pane, many application possibilities

See where it’s perfect

roofs and canopies

public buildings
shopping centres
railway stations
office buildings
sports centres and aqua parks
private houses


discover the possibilities of EGLAS

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