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Anti-condensation – a perfect solution for fogged windows

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Better view

EGLAS features prevent condensation on windows, thus protecting it against moisture. Regardless of climate zone or season of the year, misted windows will never obscure your view of a garden, forest or city landscape. Clear windows will let you enjoy the scenery all year long.

Your solution for fogged windows

EGLAS helps you stop condensation on windows. Thanks to heated glass you can forget misted windows, and enjoy a perfect view.

What are the profits of EGLAS?

  • The guarantee of full glass transparency
  • Misted windows no longer your concern
  • Lack of condensation inside windows and on window panes

  • Constant glass warmth
  • Prevention of mold development in the house
  • “Cold wall” phenomenon elimination

  • Lower energy consumption compared to ventilation systems
  • Lack of drafts
  • Better air quality

See the difference


How it works

The metal oxides layer reacts to electric current by emitting infrared radiation which raises the temperature of the glass, thus preventing the liquefaction of water vapour on its surface. This guarantees perfect glass transparency. It is also a remedy for mold in the house.

find out more about the additional construction options for eglas glass

EGLAS double-chamber pane with anti-condensation function

EGLAS single/double glazing with anti-condensation and snow melting function

One glass, many application possibilities

see where it will work perfectly

roofs and

sports centres
skylights in homes and public places
wet rooms
patio doors


discover the possibilities of EGLAS

Ask an expert

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