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EGLAS – alternative electric home heating and thermal comfort

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Thermal comfort regardless of a season

EGLAS will make you forget the unpleasant cold and drafts, providing thermal comfort by optimizing the temperature of the interiors. Just one switch is enough to adjust the electric house heating. Time to be warm during cold days.

Warm household
all year long

The operating principle of EGLAS electric heating systems for homes is similar to that of the Sun, being based on radiation heating. The heat being cast off the whole active glass surface initially warms up the panes and partitions, which subsequently project it into the entire inner space. The heating window significantly reduces the temperature difference in the rooms. Moreover, it eradicates the “cold wall” phenomenon, which diminishes the comfort of building users. With EGLAS heating glass you will not only forget the unpleasant coolness, but will also be able to breathe freely thanks to high air quality all year long.

What will you gain with EGLAS electric home heating?

  • warmth and thermal comfort all year long
  • invisible heating system
  • eradication of “cold wall” phenomenon

  • natural light regardless of a season
  • no more fogged windows
  • lack of condensation on window panes

  • perfect air quality in the room
  • clear windows all year long
  • stable warmth level

see the difference


How it works?

The metal oxides layer reacts to electric current by emitting infrared radiation which raises the temperature of the glass. Warm glass as a means of heating is extremely healthy. It also helps to keep the house tidy, preventing the soaring of dust from floors and refrigerators, as well as stopping the development of mold and fungi.

find out more about the additional construction options for eglas glass

EGLAS double-chamber pane with anti-condensation function

EGLAS calculator

Check the application with which you can calculate both the key parameters related to the use of heating glass, as well as energy gains achieved thanks to EGLAS.

go to the calculator

One glass, many application possibilities

see where it will work perfectly


medical centers
winter Gardens
private houses (windows)
glass showcases
zoo and terrariums
passive houses
swimming pools


discover the possibilities of EGLAS

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