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Heating glass for special tasks


Heating glass for special tasks


Heating glass for special tasks

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EGLAS heating glass

is an innovative combination of warmth,

comfort, and functionality.

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functionality and adaptation to different needs

Investors’ benefits

EGLAS active glass secures thermal comfort without exposure to drafts and necessity to invest in subsequent installations. Its main advantages are: natural light, air quality improvement, troublefree snow removal from roof glazing, and space saving – especially important where room limitations apply. They all immensely add to the prestige and value of the investment.

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Solutions for architects

EGLAS is an answer to architects’ previous dilemmas. Active glass allows for optimal heating of secluded spaces, elimination of the so-called “cold wall” phenomenon, and reduction of the maintenance costs of the building. Thanks to EGLAS products natural light is delivered inside all year long, as their active features protect the glass from fogging and freezing, even in case of roof windows. High functionality is accompanied by wide choice of decorative glazing, which makes the designer’s imagination the sole restriction!

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Profits for contractors

EGLAS heating glass perfectly fits into modern building trends, increasing the value of the investment. It’s compatible with most profiles – PVC, aluminum, and wooden. Our active glass units are ready to install, coming with all necessary accessories. As the producer we supply complete technical documentation. We also offer necessary training and support at every step of the installation.

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EGLAS and PV integration

EGLAS heating glass was developed with the aim of simple connection with photovoltaic systems, which are rapidly raising in popularity in Poland. Harvesting energy from sunlight allows for effective and ecological heating of the building. EGLAS and PV integration is a perfect solution not only in houses or winter gardens, but in all interiors where daylight is a coveted factor as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops, office buildings, train stations, etc.

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functionality and adaptation to different needs


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